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About me Martty

Gender  Last time I looked I was a male

Industry   Entertainment

Occupation Dancer

Location Stingray Bay

Introduction:  I am Martty (Gehter) started my sl a long time ago and still like to come here and have fun, trying to do new things and play a game of greedy now and then, talk to my friends and have some more fun.
Interests: Live music , Art , Dancing , Exploring , Photography

Favorite Movies:  American history X,  K-Pax , Fight club , LOTR

Favorite Music: Too much to give an example, but about all styles except classical music


1. How did you find your way to Second Life? Friends of mine invited me to it in 2007 and after a break I started again in Jan 2012

2. What was your first week experience like in Second Life?  A lot of exploring and tuning my avatar (I had help from friends back then)

3. The funniest thing you did as a noob and got away with it? Well I guess we all landed somewhere naked or without hair, back then we all jumped around with shoes up our butts 😉

4. What jobs have you had in Second Life?  I’m lazy, other than being a club owner and rental homes owner I didn’t do much.

5. Have you ever attended any schools in Second Life? Nope look up,,it says lazy 😉

6. What are some of your accomplishments in Second Life?  In the beginning I did  a lot of deleting of non copy items (parts of houses and stuff)

7. How did you come to be a dancer and why?   In 2012 a friend of mine invited me to come to a show and watch her dance,,it was my first experience with dancing outside a club and was so impressed that I let her convince me to join the group she was dancing in. (Rosie of course) and from then on I dance a lot and love it.

8. Were there any moments you recall as true breakthroughs in any area of your Second life? No not really

9. What have you learned over your lifetime in SL that you’d like to share with us? Be yourself ,  help anybody if you can and remember you were a noob to one time

10. Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you would care to comment on or share? No cant think of anything now.


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