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aelva1About me

Gender  Imma Pixie

Industry   Likes trees better

Occupation Dreamer and Thinker

Location Somewhere up in the clouds

Introduction:  Waves and smiles
Interests: Exploring, creating, reading, photography, art, music & movies, gardening, cooking and even more baking. Dancing in sl is one of my passions but I will tinker with whatever comes my way and just seeing what adventure waits around the corner.

Favorite Movies:  This one is hard. I love movies. I will enjoy most genres. Some I will constantly come back to is all the Tolkien interpretations, The Star wars Saga, Tarantino, Jack Black, old musicals and new musicals and most things dance, And I love cuddling up with a really good horror movie. The Holiday and Henry and June are also 2 of my absolute favorites.

Favorite Music: About same principle as movies. I will loose myself in all. Classical to Heavy Metal to Dupstep to folk. I find I have different needs for different moods and I often use music to help me thru some of the heavier ones. Music will on some days be my painkiller.
But to mention a few: Andreas Vollenveider, Jason Mraz, Janis Joplin, Jewel, Evanescence, Aerosmith, Alanis Morisette, Pink, The Corrs, BEP, Led Zepplin, Hendricks, Owl City- Daft Punk, Magnetic Man, Kathy B, Duffy and far too many more to mention.


1. How did you find your way to Second Life?  Once upon a time there was a boy….

2. What was your first week experience like in Second Life?  “I can build? I can design my own avi? Wow! look at how big this is! And all this is made by other “players”? There is Live music? ART!!! Oh… look at that shinie….. and off she flutters….

3. The funniest thing you did as a noob and got away with it?  Dunno. Probably land in peoples living rooms while doing my random sim hopping from the map.

4. What jobs have you had in Second Life? Host, Venue owner, dancer, shop owner and currently along with being a Silhouette, I run my own dance troupe, The Night Theater.

5. Have you ever attended any schools in Second Life? Only a random build class or 2.

6. What are some of your accomplishments in Second Life?  I had a very busy year 2013. I had a small things at Burn, Burn Equinox and SLs birthday.  Performed at LEA with Theater Dramatique. Started my own Dance troupe, The Night Theater. In all, I put together the most part of 5 dance shows.

7. How did you come to be a dancer and why?  I saw a few dance performances and just loved the art of it. Started taking pictures. Then when there was a benefit for Jordan Reyne and my idea to let the dancers do a performance to one of their favorite Jordans songs to raise money for her was made part of the benefit, I volunteered to make a dance of my own.  I had never planned on being on stage myself, the choreography and the building of scenery was my biggest draw. But since I had nobody to be my puppet, I had to get up there on my own. And I did, as a pixie:) Then later on, as the Guerilla Burlesque were short of dancers, I offered to help out if needed and ended up joining them after a highly symbolic audition.

8. Were there any moments you recall as true breakthroughs in any area of your Second life? First time I kissed a girl and first time I stepped on stage and first time I heard Jordan Reyne play.

9. What have you learned over your lifetime in SL that you’d like to share with us? Everybody looks better in wings. There is just as much magic as we want there to be. I can make my own paradise and only my own mind is my limit.

10. Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you would care to comment on or share? Where I hid my marbles. But I aint telling.


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