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Ekaterina Tolczyner “Kat”

Silhouette Dancer

About me

Silhouette Dancer

Gender Female

Industry Fashion and Entertainment

Occupation Dancer, Model, and Hostess with the mostest

Location Montego Beach Northeast


Introduction Hi, I’m Ekaterina but please save your fingers and
call me Kat.I’m a bit shy, a bit silly, and 100% dorky. I am a Shadows
Silhouette, Gator Tamer at Moonshines,and when I’m not here I model
and make a general nuisance of myself.

Interests Cookies, clothes, shoes, dancing, shoes, bad puns.. and did i say shoes?

Favorite Movies Way too many to name but some are Lotr, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars

Favorite Music Anything but Country!


Ten questions and answers with “Kat”

1. How did you find your way to Second Life?
I was playing World of Warcraft and my (now ex) husband found Second Life. He encouraged me to come play as an alternative because he was tired of paying the monthly subscription fees.

2. What was your first week experience like in Second Life?

Oh god I hated Second Life at first! I didn’t want to play at all, I thought it was boring and stupid… until I discovered shopping because my ex sent me to find clothes for him to wear for club events. That prompted me to create my own avatar. My first day I was lucky, he introduced me to some people and a club and they were nice and gifted me a little Linden for my rez day. I shopped till I dropped and of course didn’t realize that I still looked like an uber noob.

3. The funniest thing you did as a noob and got away with it?

Oooh dear… Well.. one night a group of fellow noobies and I got the idea we would go streaking through Stargates. One of us played the Benny Hill themesong through voice and we all took off running. Lol I’m pretty sure we left some confused rp’ers in our wake.

4. What jobs have you had in Second Life?

I got recruited to dance for a club when I was only a few weeks old. I mostly danced from 2008 – 2010, though I did take some breaks and also learned to host during that time. I retired from dancing in mid 2010 to devote more time to my partner; I managed his sim and his photostudio for the rest of the year. In 2011 I started modeling and have written scripts for fashion shows, written for magazines, managed a store, danced for the Silhouettes and hosted ever since.

5. Have you ever attended any schools in Second Life?

I am a proud graduate of Lush Modeling Academy in October 2011, Passion Academy in January 2012, and most recently Miss Virtual World Academy in August 2012.

6. What are some of your accomplishments in Second Life?

I’m featured on some vendors around Second Life, most notably for Angel Dessous. I placed fourth runner up in the Miss Brazil Virtual pageant this last June. Just this last week I was named as a finalist for Miss Virtual World 2013, so now I am Miss Bolivia. Really though I think my greatest accomplishment in Second Life is that for almost the last three years I have been proudly partnered to the same wonderful man Zach Larsen. Here in this virtual world where relationships come and go so quickly I’m amazed and so happy we’re still going strong.

7. How did you come to be a dancer and why?

I was recruited to dance for a club while I was hanging out camping on a dance pad at a freebie store. I knew absolutely nothing about how to be a good dancer. I had never rp’d before Second Life and didn’t know how to emote at all. There was just something about being on the stage that called to me, I’m normally very shy but it felt liberating.. like I could adopt a different persona.

8. Were there any moments you recall as true breakthroughs in any area of your Second life?

While I was backstage awaiting the results of my final test in my first modeling school, I was contacted that I had been selected out of hundreds of applicants to audition for Avenue’s modeling agency. I didn’t even pass my final! I’ve been very lucky for the many supportive friends I have and have made through my time in Second Life and Shadow is one of my oldest and dearest.. I was still very much a noob when I met her and she took me under her wing. In a roundabout way it is because of her that I started modeling, and that’s why I’m still here dancing my butt off and loving it. This is where my friends are.

9. What have you learned over your lifetime in SL that you’d like to share with us?

Be true to yourself. It sounds like the most trite piece of advice ever but oddly I find that applies even more in this world where nothing is what it seems. I have found that even hiding in the anonymity of an avatar I can’t be anyone but me, and I have to behave in a way that I can be proud of myself as a person. That person I might see as a “noob” today.. will grow and change.. and they’re no less deserving of friendship and kindness today than they will be in six months or a year.

10. Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you would care to comment on or share?
Really deep down I just consider myself a silly kitty on an adventure.


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