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Bliss Mellison

About me

Silhouette Dancer



Occupation Manager/ Host/ Dancer

Location Montego Beach Northeast


Here is Bliss, I’m a fun girl who just loves music, dancing and
her SL job. I’m General Manager of Moonshines Rocking Blues Club
and dancer with the Shadows Silhouettes.

Favorite MoviesOfficer and a Gentleman, The Green Mile,
Rainman, Pulp Fiction and many more.

InterestsDancing, Music, Landscaping, Shopping, my Ava

Favorite MusicSoul, Blues, Rock


Ten questions and answers with Bliss! 

1. How did you find your way to Second Life?
First time I heard about Second Life was on tv in 2006, it was a topic
on a talk show. After that I read an article in a magazine and became
curious and started Second Life in 2006.

2. What was your first week experience like in Second Life?
Phew, thats long ago…I was intrigued by all the things you could do
at that time in Second Life. But in the first week I really tried to give
myself a better look with new skin, shape and clothes.
I also explored a lot and tried to learn as much as possible.

3. The funniest thing you did as a noob and got away with it?
I landed naked naked in the middle of a club and got ejected straight
away, a few months later I started there as a dancer.

4. What jobs have you had in Second Life?
Hosting, dancing and manager…Oh yes, shopping is hard work too LOL

5. Have you ever attended any schools in Second Life?
I only attended a scripting school in Second Life..the rest I learned by listening to
others and by trial and error

6. What are some of your accomplishments in Second Life?
I dunno if its an accomplishment, but I’m as serious with my Second Life
jobs, as in RL. And I’m proud what Shadow Tarber and I did to Moonshines
Rocking Blues Club, to make it the live music venue what it is today.

7. How did you come to be a dancer and why?
Back in the early days it was the easiest job to get in Second Life and its
still a lot of fun to do, its a good way to meet people and I made lots of friends this way.

8. Were there any moments you recall as true breakthroughs in any area of your Second life?
Oh, lots… from owning my first house to owning my own sim, from meeting the best of
friends, to my Second Life love Ava. It all made my Second Life so much richer and fun.

9. What have you learned over your lifetime in SL that you’d like to share with us?
There are a lot of weirdo’s out there.

10. Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you would care to comment on or share?
Nope 🙂 I think you nailed it

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