Silly Burlesque

The Silhouette’s will be showing you how they burlesque! Come join us  this Sunday 9th March 1pmslt Great Music Great Dancing Great Entertainment Be sure to arrive early, our barman, Bill, will be there to welcome you for a pre~show drink and chatter in the Silly’s cocktail bar Advertisements

Pieces of Eight ~ Watch the show in full here!

The latest show of the Silhouettes was a great success! If you missed it, don’t worry, Pia Klaar very kindly made a video for us. Click the link below to see the full show!

Opening of Silly’s Cocktail Lounge Bar and Pre~Show Party

Ahoy! Great fun was had by all at the Silhouettes pre-show party headed by premier live singer Gina Gracemount.  Everyone shook their booty and celebrated the official opening of Silly’s Cocktail Lounge. Now an hour before each show the cocktail bar will be open for patrons to enjoy a relaxing drink and chat (in other […]

New Silly’s Lounge and Bar

Shadows, home of the Silhouette Dancers, can now boast its own cocktail lounge! Plush furniture and fully stocked bar create a cosy atmosphere for all to enjoy a pre-show drink and chat.  Our friendly barman will be serving up tasty beverages including Kiri Imperial, dry martinis, champagne and Sex on the Beach 😉 Official Opening […]

Coming Soon!

Avast!, shiver me timbers and pieces of eight, the Scallywag Silhouettes will be sailing into town to swig yer rum and raid you of yer dubloons.  Watch this space so ye be ready to hide yer booty Yarrrrrr