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Emma Duran

Silhouette Dancer

About me

Silhouette Dancer

Gender Female

Industry Entertainment

Occupation Dancer, photographer

Location ~ Showgirls ~, Phasic Foo

Introduction I’m Emma Duran, all I can say about myself is that the engine of my second life is fun. I love dancing, I enjoy a lot, and do it well, so I love doing things like Shadow, the only way you can do things, well done. I built my own club “Showgirls”, and i love to explore to find locations to take photos and that makes me visit some very “different” and strange places. 😉

Interests Dance, photography, build

Favorite Movies Cinema Paradiso

Favorite Music I like all music except country and reggaeton, i don’t have a favorite one


Ten questions and answers with Emma!

1. How did you find your way to Second Life? I read a news in Yahoo that talked about Second Life. It said that after the success they had it was something left, that there wasn’t a lot of people coming into this virtual world. I was curious and I’m here.

2. What was your first week experience like in Second Life? It was very funny, with a friend who helped me make the avatar and teached me how it was.

3. The funniest thing you did as a noob and got away with it? I don’t remember anything.

4. What jobs have you had in Second Life? In Second Life i am dancer. Now i take photos but i don’t consider it a job,

5. Have you ever attended any schools in Second Life? Not at the moment.

6. What are some of your accomplishments in Second Life? I have a very good second life, i have a home, a club, a photo studio, a shop, and the best of all, i dance at Shadows.

7. How did you come to be a dancer and why? I started to dance on poles, and then i found a place with a burlesque chair and i loved it, and I started to try dance animations. I bought an Akeyo AO and some dance animations to make my own dance set. I love to dance, that’s all.

8. Were there any moments you recall as true breakthroughs in any area of your Second life?
That happened when i was at Shadows for first time.

9. What have you learned over your lifetime in SL that you’d like to share with us? I’ve noticed that Second Life makes people truly free.

10. Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you would care to comment on or share? No


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