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Cutie Award Show Results

trophy 03

What an amazing time we all had at the award show! What is important about a dress is the women who is wearing it!  The Silhouettes dressed for success and came out winners!  What a beautiful bunch of women we are! Ok back to the exciting news now. Here is the list of big wins for the Silhouettes!!  Congrats to our very own Shadow Tarber for winning best Choreograpaher!!!

1. CHOREOGRAPHY – Best choreography in a show

Shadow Tarber choreographer, Kaleidoscope


2. DANCE PUBLICITY – Best Dance Video
Kaleidoscope, Shadows Silhouette Dancers
3. DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS – Best Show Theater in SL
Shadow Tarber

4. DANCE GROUP – Best New Dance Group (Formed in 2012)

“Shadows Silhouette Dancers”

The Silhouettes- Creator – Shadow Tarber
“Silhouettes Dancers
Creator – Shadow Tarber
web page to 2012 dances

4. DANCE SHOW – Best Sound Mixing



5. DANCE SHOW – Best Titles

“What the Elf”
Shadow Tarber – Shadows Silhouette Dancers


“Boo-tiful Spooks!
The Silhouettes

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