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Dance Queen Cutie Awards Nominations

     It is a wonderful idea to have an appreciation award for the hard work one puts into dancing and making shows in Second Life.  Dance Queen has put together a nice trophy and award show just for that.  Many dancers and troupes in SL have come forward and put their creative dances/shows out there for all to see.
The Silhouettes do not have everything documented as to all the shows we have done in 2012 but we put in our best videos, pictures of what we do have. Let’s hope for the best! As it turned out many people have seen our shows and we are nominated along with some of the best dancers and troupes in Second Life!

Congrats to our very own Shadow Tarber for being nominated for Best SL Dancer of the year! Good luck!!

trophy 03
Here is the trophy that will be award and a list of our nominations!
CHOREOGRAPHY – Best choreography in a video
CHOREOGRAPHY – Best choreography in a show
SET DESIGN – Best set design for a Production Show (multiple songs)
COSTUMES – Best costumes for a Production Show
COSTUMES – Best costumes in a Burlesque Show
COSTUMES – Best costumes for a dance video
DANCE PUBLICITY – Best poster/graphic about SL dancing
DANCE PUBLICITY – Best Dance Video
DANCE PUBLICITY – Best Dance Photo
DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS – Best Dance Ball in a Dance Club in SL
DANCE CLUBS/THEATERS – Best Show Theater in SL
DANCER – SL Dancer of the Year
DANCE GROUP – Best New Dance Group (Formed in 2012)
DANCE GROUP – Dance Group of the Year
DANCE SHOW – Best Musical Selection
DANCE SHOW – Best Sound Mixing
DANCE SHOW – Best Titles
DANCE SHOW – Best Director
DANCE SHOW – SL Show of the Year


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