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Kaleidoscope debut!



A cheeky little mind trip though feelings or emotions like, Insanity, Defiance, Fear, Heartburn, Happiness,and Trippin.
The newest production from the Shadows Silhouette Dancers opened today with an eager and enthusiastic crowd!
The early count showed 40 plus audience members and it was standing room only when the final curtain fell! Many friends and fellow dancers came out to support the Sillys!
Silhouettes group chatter was silly and nerves a bit on edge but as it came closer to show time… everyone had on their game faces and ready to..as we like to say “Rock this place!” Silhouettes danced their way through each set and the show rolled through with out any mishaps!
We had a special guest staging and doing the lighting for our show tonight. Would like to send a big “Thank You” to Lat Lovenkraft (yummy)for filling in for Zak Zwilling since he had to work!
We had fun doing this show and we hope to see more of you coming to see the show and having fun with us! Many well wishes came our way so i would like to post (with permission) some of them here! Thank you everyone!

Foxie Winx: “i love coming to the shows, i love coming to see what will be next”

Toysoldier Thor: “The show was so well done and FUNtastic !”

Diva Lilliehook:this is not the average show love, it really isnt the passion is clear,the love of performing and yep it reaches the audience!yayyyyyy Shadow Silhouettes!!!!!!!”

Scullivert:very very good”

Auricrose:It was brilliant and inspired..especially the end routine…spellbinding :)… NOw this is what out Olympic opening ceremony should have been like, spontaneous excited dancing”

Melvis Baum: “really great show here,,,its just way to short..lol” its way better..more like a fantastic show”

Ares Baroque: “great show!, hope to see another one soon 🙂

Karla Ariel: “beautifull show!”

elize Meili:great show:)))”

Ziget Tammas: “great Show, ty all”

Linsey Carter: “Very nice show :)”

jm1832: “my eyes have been bathed in wonder :)) fantastic Shadow. truly top stuff”

Merytamon Skytower: “mi mas sincera enhorabuena”

FashionablyNatalia: “very entertaining show!”

Taleah McMahon: “thanks for the great show”


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One comment on “Kaleidoscope debut!

  1. I can’t wait to see this awesome show!

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